About Us

Wearable Masks™ is a San Francisco, California-based women, disabled veteran, and minority-owned small business consisting of a group of friends who work professionally in industries geared towards helping others.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we saw a great void that needed to be filled in providing quality, protective masks for the health and protection of all Americans. We naturally gravitated towards solving this problem.  

After many sleepless nights of testing, we are pleased to provide affordable, durable, and attractive protective masks that people would actually want to wear.

Through the strength of our network, we are able to get masks produced and shipped out faster than our competitors as they come from our warehouse in Northern California. Wearable Masks™ are guaranteed to arrive when you need it the most.   


At Wearable Masks™, we care about the people we work with.

We choose to work with a small-run, family-operated production facility who values their team and provides a healthy working environment. So you can feel good knowing each product is made fairly and directly supporting the livelihood of the artisans and their local community.

Because fair-trade is the only trade we know.

In an industry dominated by mass production, low wages and unhealthy work environments, we are proud to work with micro-manufacturers that value honesty and craftsmanship.

So each Wearable Mask™ receives the love and attention to detail that you deserve. #JustMask